Thursday, March 26, 2009

Incentive program for reading

We have scheduled a visit from "Bolt" the new mascot for the W-S Dash Baseball team. He will be here with his handler for a 9am schoolwide assembly on Monday April 6th.

The incentives flow in two week increments to hit a single, double, triple and a Home Run. Goals for each student are set by the teacher to encourage kids to "stretch" their reading capacity by either quantity, quality or genre.

This year the Home Run is not associated with free tickets to a baseball game, rather there will be fifty slots reserved for our school to send kids to a carnival atmosphere on the field with the players and coaches. We determine the criteria for selecting the 50 participants and will need input from the staff to make it appropriate and equitable.

Any questions or comments on the program can be addressed to Karon Kiger or Deb Fidali.

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