Thursday, March 5, 2009

Faculty Meeting

Many thanks and Multiple Snaps go out to our colleagues who shared their progress on the High Yield Strategies. The Third grade team was impressive in their organization and teamwork as they plan for success using non-linguistic representations. The fourth grade HAG team have collaborated to make note-taking a skill for students to take into their future. Our EC teachers have learned the power of Touch Math and applied it for our student's benefit. At the March 18th meeting we will hear from Senora Gutierrez, the fifth grade team and the fourth grade team.

Budget update from the Joint Principals meeting:
The need is to cut between 8.5 and 9 million dollars from the budget. Members of the leadership team and principals from each level have meet to come up with a preliminary list which will be finalized and voted on by the school board in April. the following information is tentative;
Save 2.9 million through a delay in textbook adoption. K-2 consumables will be provided.
Save 85,000 by a reduction in CO staff development
Save 1/4 million in utilities through a retirement of mobile units
Save 150,000 in transportation from Yellow Bus to Blue and white Bus for High school work program
Save 1/2 million by reducing the subs for custodians
save 150,000 by reducing the subs for Assistants
save 1/4 million by reducing the schools Staff development funds
save 70,000 Miles by combining Elem and Middle school runs at 4 combos.
Save 620,000 by reducing Foreign language in elem to 4th and 5th grades only - eliminates 13 positions through attrition and transfer
save 2.5 million by increasing class size by 1 student - eliminates 57 positions through attrition and transfer.

Safety update

Tornado Drill is Friday Morning at approx 9:30. Work together to keep calm and troubleshoot as we go. Practice will reinforce our strong areas and point out areas for improvement.

Lock-Down Drill will be March 18th in the morning. We will look for feedback at the faculty meeting that afternoon. Green means you and the students in your room are safe. Do not use red to indicate a missing student.

Portrait day is Thursday March 12th

The Little Symphony will perform for the Whole School on Wednesday March 11th at 9 am. We will call classes beginning at 8:45.

I would like to have 10-15 minute individual conferences with all staff members before Spring Break to hear your success stories from this year, and learn of your hopes and dreams for next year. Please catch me and we can schedule before school, after school or during planning/lunch.

I am working on the Race for the Cure Team sign-up and will have the information linked at my Web HomePage by the end of the day!

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