Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

I want everybody to take the opportunity to thank Cameron Weaver for her service to our students. Her last day as the Art sub is Friday and we so appreciate her efforts. The flip side of losing Cameron, is the Monday return of Martha Depp! She has had a good week after her 2nd Chemotherapy treatment and looks forward to being back with us and all the the joy in her Art classroom.

3rd-5th grade teachers who have pictures/health cards....etc. to be filed in the cumulative folders should place all the materials in the front of their box in the records room. Damita and Irene will ensure the proper placement of these documents. K-2 Assistants should be taking care of this important service for their classrooms.

Today we have the 24 Challenge Finals and a prospective HAG tour in the afternoon. Emory will be here for an Active-Studio workshop for advanced users. Please attend if you have desires to improve your ability to use technology with your students.

SIT was meaningful and productive last evening. Thanks to the leaders who serve their school well on this team.

Andy is at the Safe Schools conference today and Friday. Erica has been seated on a jury and is doing her civic duty. We have hired a Temporary assistant to replace Rachel Burriss, when she clears the HR department we will introduce her. Today, Trish Federico will be here to assist Wendy and Willie Mae Carson will sub for Gayle Moore.

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