Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Mid-Term Progress reports are to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet today. We also have the PTA birthday Bash at 1:45 for all December Birthdays. Chess Club is meeting in the Cafe today, which displaces the YMCA to the media center.

The fifth grade teachers are in a technology workshop today with Mr. Wasko learning about a virtual world called Quest Atlantis. Please welcome the guest teachers to these classrooms and give them a hand if they need anything.

Subs today:
Nicole Wachter for Lisa Weber
Roger Hayes for Nicole Fusco
Julie Magness for Betty Jo Moore
Maria Warnimont for Donna McNatt
Kim Dishner for Donna McGee
Willie Mae Carson for Gayle Moore
Lib Lawson for Carol Weaver

Continue to search for and wrap the magic "white elephant" gift for our faculty meeting on Wednesday. It is a great chance to get something out of your house. Of course, you will be getting something to replace it that may be...worse/better.

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