Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Lots of Subs today as we have the PBS team meeting to learn about the implementation of Module three. Thanks to our Business Partner - Walters, Callahan, Robbs and Pierce - for hosting this meeting in their downtown conference room.

Please make our Guests welcome today.
Lynn Boyles for Demarie Anderson
Carol Telly for Sue Bennett
Rachel Burriss for Wendy Binkley
No sub for Kim Burch
Kim Dishner for Brie DuCamp
Rosemary Hazy for Kim Mason
Doris Davis for Janet Gauss
Linda Transou for Venice Hailstock
Julie Magness for Betty Jo Moore
Willie Mae Carson for Lisa Weber
Colleen Galvan for Maria Melcon
No sub for Andy Lester-Niles

SES Tutoring is this afternoon.

SIT Meeting is Wednesday. This will be a full meeting in preparation for the December 18 Title One Peer Review of our new SIP. We need each stakeholder group to be represented.

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