Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break!

Our first meeting of the School Board appointed committee to explore options for the future of Brunson was like an early LTM. We talked in and around many issues as members learned each others communication styles. Discussions were focused on the long term future of Brunson. Several sites that emerged were the YWCA, Cook, Wiley and several downtown land tracts. Darrell Walker, our WSFCS Superintendent of Facilities, will be at our next meeting to add his expertise of what is and is not possible. We also discussed the balance of neighborhood student enrollment and the magnet program. Two of the board members were clear that residents should have priority in enrollment. This is a topic that will be discussed in future meetings as we have committed to keeping our magnet applicants and enrolling all residential students for next year.
 Here is a list of the members in attendance

Marilyn Parker - Board Member and Chair of the committee

Elisabeth Motsinger - Board Member

Jeanie Metcalf - Board Member

Ali Tomberlin - Board Attorney

Toni Bigham - Assistant. Superintendent for Elementary Schools

David Snapp - WSFCS director of Student Assignment

Andy Lester-Niles - Assistant. Principal Brunson

Jeff Faullin - Principal Brunson

Daniel Yohanes - Community Member & Recording Secretary

Jan and Jake Wharton - Community Members

Keri Danielson - Community Member

Barbara Lentz - Community Member & Brunson Parent

Nathan Childs - Community Member

Claire Fader - Community Member

Leslie Mullinix - Community Member & Brunson Parent

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7pm on April 14th

 Andy, Kathy and myself will be at Rachel Freeman school of Engineering Wednesday to visit with their Principal and Magnet coordinator. We are thrilled to be able to learn from a school that has used EIE to implement a STEM curriculum for 3 years and hope to bring back some strategies for success.

The building is open until 4:30 daily this week yet Wednesday is the last work day. Please enjoy the break and recharge for a Phenomenal Fourth Quarter.

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