Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

EOG reading testing is today in 3 grade levels and and 9 different classrooms. Lynn Bentley is our Test coordinator today as Karon is at the doctor for her leg injury. Andy, Joel and I will patrol the halls and ask for your assistance to provide a great opportunity for our test takers. Many of our students were within 2 standard errors on the first administration of the reading test, and have a high probability of achieving proficiency on this second administration.

DO NOT go to specials until the all finished call has been made over the intercom. We expect to finish by 12:30, but stranger things have happened.

We will follow the recess schedule except for the small playground area. That space only opens after all finished call.

Faculty meeting at 3:15 in the media center today. We will begin in 10 small groups with the TWC survey results. Please sit at one of the round tables to accommodate these discussion groups.

Today is the last day for Mr. Sawyers until July. He is having pre-op on Thursday and will have a stent placed in an artery on Friday. Wish him well and keep him in your thoughts during this medical procedure.

Lynn for Karon
Rosemary Hazy for Carol Weaver
Stanley Bradley for Demarie Anderson

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