Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

Please go to the shared folder to view documents for tonight's staff meeting. They are in the Staff shared folder - 2009-2010 staff meetings - Docs for 5.26.10

We will be conducting several votes for SIT, one of which is a revision of the by-laws. Please review this document to make an informed decision at the meeting.

The Schedule for 06.01.10 thru 06.04.10 is in that same folder and will be discussed at the meeting.

Last day of makeups...hopefully.
Bentley/Newman-Guidance office Cal. Inactive 2 students
Kangelaris/Ingram-Intervention mobile Cal. Inactive 3 students
Thanks, Karon Kiger - Curriculum Coordinator

The Challenge 24 Championship will be broadcast live at 1:45

Want a successful United Way Campaign for this coming fall? Are you willing to lead this campaign and passionate about helping people through the United Way? A Committed ECM can make your campaign a huge success! Let me hear back from you by Wednesday of next week - June 2nd - if you are interested in this leadership opportunity.

Janet Van Swearingen for Tanya Lovin
Marianne Pinter for Marina Gutierrez
No sub for Lynn Keshian
Mary Leyendecker for Donna McGee - pm only
Kim Dishner for Lara Overby - pm only

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