Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday MM

Good Morning! Treats from The Bagel Station are in the lounge for you all to enjoy. Thanks to Mariela and the office staff for organizing this event for Teacher appreciation!

Enjoy this Wednesday and make it special for each and every student.

Our SIT meeting will begin at 3:15 and run until 5pm. Our agenda is full of efforts to complete the title one prioritized plan and look toward staff development plans for next year.

A reminder about EOG assessment week. Please do everything in your power to be present! Teacher and assistant absences during this week are problematic as all staff are spread throughout the building to accommodate 26 testing locations with 2 adults in each room. This is in addition to the 9 K-2 classrooms who are working with students. We are understaffed to accomplish this and have asked several friends of Brunson to help out and they have responded. Yet if one person is late or absent, the impact is unable to be absorbed as we have no "extra" folks waiting to assist.

Schedules for EOG week will be available Friday here and by e-mail.

Here is a note From Linnea about PENC

Jeff, thanks for getting this to all staff in your blog. Here's the message:

PENC - Professional Educators of North Carolina - is an affordable and viable alternative to other professional organizations in North Carolina. PENC is nonpartisan, independent and state-based, with member dues remaining in North Carolina as we work to promote quality education reform.
An information packet will be placed in your mailbox this week. You have options regarding your professional organization membership. Please direct questions to Linnea Patrick, PENC representative, or check out the link below for more information.

No subs today

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