Monday, May 3, 2010

More Monday MM

BOOK FAIR! Deb has sent a schedule and I have posted it on the board by the sign-in. Let's all use our PBS techniques to pre-correct and praise students for meeting expectations at the book fair. I would love to have a ZERO theft week.

Today and Wednesday are the EOG administrator sessions for ALL certified staff.

A Shower to honor babies and brides will be Tuesday after-school in the art room.

Also on Tuesday we have the Primary elections here on the stage.

Thursday in the computer lab, Melissa Edwards and Chris Wasko will begin our sessions to migrate and develop Teacher web sites in SchoolWires. We will begin at 3:15.

SPRING FLING is Friday! We are looking forward to this event and will have information for the Tuesday packet.

Keep focused on Learning for all. The EOG is an assessment that allows students to demonstrate their love of learning. Keep that spirit alive so when we finish the testing we are filled with a sense of accomplishment, not relief.

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