Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

ACTION ITEM - The refrigerator will be emptied this afternoon at 5pm. All items will be trashed and the surfaces will be scrubbed. If you want to save something, get it out and take it home.

Speaking of scrubbed. Our relatively new PTA microwaves are not being wiped down after each use. The build up is disheartening to the next user. Please do your part to keep this resource clean and in working order.

Karon will post the testing rooms later today with administrator and proctor assignments. Let's give each and every student a fantastic opportunity to achieve proficiency on this 2nd administration. I have posted the schedules on the board and will e-mail later today.

Glendora Epperson for Joey Adkins
Jamal Williams for Tanya Lovin
Natalie for Allison pm only

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