Friday, May 14, 2010

EOG note from Dana!


The EOG season starts bright and early Monday morning with the Grade 5 Science tests. And with EOGs comes audits. Some Accountability Services and other central office staff may be at your school next week, observing the process. Remember this isn't a gotcha; we really expect to see well-planned administrations and even hope to share best strategies.

Things to remember:
Keep materials secure at all times
Document all material movement
Sweep the classrooms for content or strategies
Turn off the bells and no announcements in the buildings where testing is conducted
Say NO to cell phones and iPods
Everyone has to be trained, including those last-minute proctors
Check and double-check accommodations, and use the accommodation monitoring forms

And as always, call us if you have questions. Have a great weekend-

Dana Wrights
Director, Accountability Services

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