Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kindergarten Screening Information

Kindergarten Screening
April 15, 2010 9:00-1:00

Registration table---Lobby
Ms. Velez & Ms. Ingram

Assessment Stations----Media Center
Ms. Gauss
Ms. Keshian
Ms. Londono
Ms. Davis
Ms. Lovin
Ms. Kangelaris

Parent Interviewers---Media Center
Mr. Lester-Niles
Ms. Binkley
Ms. Zarate
Ms. Ashburn
Ms. Hailstock
Ms. Weaver

Activities Directors/Refreshment Hostesses—Trailer 40
Ms. Rush
Ms. Burchette

Brunson Ambassadors—to accompany students to the media center as well as the trailer and back-5th graders
Stephanie Moore, Jorge Carrillo

The school nurse will be available for vision and hearing screenings, if need arises.
Ms. Burch will be available.

While students are being screened, the parents will be in Rm. 4.
Ms. Galvan will take her students to the ESL trailer for the day.

After screening, students will go to Trailer 40 for an activity and refreshments.
Screening results will be shared with the parents in the Media Center.

Each student will receive an academic goodie bag to take home.

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