Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

A UNCF update....Congratulations to Sue Bennett, our UNCF t-shirt winner!!!! I have received pledges in the amount totaling $225 and our next drawing will be May 7. Thank you to everyone for your pledges and let's keep giving. Your support is appreciated. Vernola

2nd grade will travel to all-a-flutter farm today.

We have some adjustments to make to our PLC schedule.
Mrs Correa will cover Sipe at 10:00 for Mrs. Newman.
Mrs Robinson will cover Adkins at 10:45 for Mrs. Richardson.
There will be no 5th HAG due to their field trip.

We are still looking for subs for Mr. Peddle and Mrs Lovin. Bear with us and we will announce on Brunson Live the status of those jobs.

No sub for Karon Kiger
Earline Richardson for Trish Gulledge
No sub yet for Tanya
No sub yet for Joel

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