Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Looking forward to the EARTH DAY Mix-It-Up! Let's help instill in our students the feeling that they CAN make a difference.

12:45 begin dismissing students to Country's room
1:00 Brunson Live segment (with short video)
1:10- 1:35 1st Activity
(EVEN #'s sidewalk chalk art and ODD #'s water conservation activity)
1:35 -1:40 Switch (come in or go out)
1:40- 2:05 2nd Activity
2:05 head to assembly (outside - weather permitting)
2:10- 2:30 Earth Day Assembly!

Elizabeth Meads for Debbie Tucker
Lynn Vernon for Anne Campbell
Mary Leyendecker for Donna McNatt
Brenda Raimer for Marina Gutierrez
No sub for Irene Rush

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