Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Here is a Grant opportunity!
Pets in the Classroom Grant - Pet Care Trust is sponsoring “Pets in the Classroom,” a new grant program that supports establishing healthy child-pet relationships at an early age by supporting responsible pet care in K-6 classrooms. Interested teachers can complete an online grant application at . If approved, the teacher will be sent a certificate indicating the dollar amount of the grant. The teacher takes the certificate to the local store to purchase the pet and supplies then sends the receipt and certificate back to the Pet Care Trust for reimbursement. For full details, including the grant application, please visit the Web address noted above.

Here is some info about our Tech Workshops with Brian
Teachers need to register and evaluate the 20 minute sessions they had with Brian. Teachers will not get credit for the 20 minute meeting time. Registering is to show that Brian was here for the day and to get feedback from teachers.

Let's all have a GREAT day!

Lynn Vernon for Brie DuCamp
Julie Magness for Debbie Tucker
Wilie Mae Carson for Lisa Weber
Charles Kirby for Joey Adkins

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