Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Yesterday I posted about a Faculty meeting on Wednesday. It is vital that everybody hear the information that will be provided by Mr Harrelson. Please adjust all schedules to be able to stay until 4pm.

an update on the health care issues from HR

Open enrollment will impact ALL employees this year. They are automatically moving everyone down to 70/30 coverage from 80/20, so all employees who wish to maintain their 80/20 levels of coverage will HAVE to complete the open enrollment form. Since folks are starting to receive their packets in the mail, we are getting LOTS of questions. Here are answers to the three most common:

1) You MUST WAIT until March 15th to complete the open enrollment process. Open enrollment will run from March 15 to April 9, so everyone will need to electronically enroll between these dates.

2) You MUST complete the enrollment process electronically. There will be NO PAPER FORMS. We will have the link prominently displayed on the home page during the open enrollment period. Since this will require everyone to register and create a user name and password, we will be hosting some help sessions in the admin center IRC for those who need assistance with the process. The first will be next Monday, March 15th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. The second will be on April 5th -- same time and place. These will be drop in sessions, so employees don't need to be there promptly at 4:-00.

3) FOR TOBACCO USERS: The only way to be eligible for 80/20 coverage is if you sign an electronic attestation that you and your covered spouse/dependents either don't use tobacco, or are participating in a tobacco cessation plan. There are some detailed rules and potentially large penalties for tobacco users associated with this, so we are hosting information sessions for any employees who use tobacco or who have a covered family members that uses tobacco. These sessions are this week -- Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM in the admin center auditorium.

We will send an Alert Now to all employees about this tomorrow. Please share this info widely!

Thanks for dealing with our power outage with great leadership.

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