Friday, March 19, 2010


Good Morning!

We have many subs in the building and the PLC/Ext. Plan coverage will need to shift. I will do my best to help students learn today and provide the double blocks for those scheduled. We will have to ask many folks to help, so please be flexible and thanks for your cooperation.

You were asked to give, and GIVE YOU DID. The survey is LONG as we tried to use as much of your actual language as possible. So to expedite matters I will be brief in the directions, and clear about a NEW deadline for completion - Monday March 22 at noon.

1. We want differentiated data, so be firm! If you want 1:1 laptops, mark that with a "5 - Absolutely Vital" then when you see the item 3:1 computers in the classroom, Please mark it LOWER.

2. We are novice survey makers and the syntax and meaning of some items are unclear as we tried not to interject our own personal bias into the choices. Just like the EOG, "Do the best you can, I cannot clarify for you."

3. Listen to Andy on Brunson Live as he will have some tips for you!

4. After completing the survey press the submit button. Please do this only once! We have no safeguards against multiple submissions and we do not want our data to be skewed.

5. It will take 30 minutes to read and respond with fidelity, please give your full attention to helping our school through your commitment to providing accurate data.

SURVEY REMOVED data to be processed

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