Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Let's all focus on being engaged. I am guilty of floating through moments and having time pass me by in many personal and professional interactions. Today, as I think of ways to engage students in learning, I am going to try to be engaged myself. What does it feel like and how can I avoid becoming disengaged? Let's see if this model we provide changes the way student's view us?

Looking forward to the Prospective HAG tour this afternoon and I also have a meeting with Lila Cruishanks, who is promoting a Recess program Called "Playworks." I am so impressed with the YMCA PACES program and the benefits our students have gained from instruction in healthy habits. I hope we can expand the concept and will share details at the next faculty meeting.

Speaking of which, the magnet team is planning a fantastic event for next Wednesday, be sure to adjust your schedule and participate in the creation of our future.

Mary Leyendecker for Deb Fidali
Kim Dishner for Donna McGeee
Charles Kirby for Paige Sipe

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