Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Just like yesterday we need to be VERY CAREFUL on the outside surfaces. Check around your mobile unit and let Mariela know of any icy spots so Mr. Guerra can work on them. Also, Supervise your kids well as they transition to music and other outdoor facilities.

Activities today
Creekside Kids Dance practice in Cafe' 8:30-10:30
Prospective HAG tour at 10:15 in Sarfert's room and then throughout the building.
Chess Club after school.

Andy has sent out the Mix-It-Up in an e-mail and here it is on the Blog

The big day is here!!!
Below is the afternoon schedule and a list of states/ colors/ captains/ and ROOM #'s.

12:45 begin to call grade levels to report to assigned room (K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
1:00 - Team time. Turn on TVs to Brunson Live. I'll introduce African Library Project, video and bookmark activity.
1:03 - Watch Video
1:15 - make bookmarks (bookmarks and yarn will be delivered to your rooms)
1:35ish - announcement will call teams to gym - please escort your team to the assembly.
1:40 - 2:30 Assembly for kids - social for teachers in MC
2:35 - teachers come to gym and pick up class.


1) The bookmarks will need to be decorated with markers or crayons. If the team is headed to your room please have crayons and/ or markers ready. If you do not have enough (they can share), please reply to this e-mail and I'll deliver two or three boxes of crayons to your room.

2) Mobile units are being used! With 24 teams it happens. Make sure the little kids (actually ALL kids) know where to go.

3) Lovin/ Jackson are the only team where at least one captain is not assigned to her own room. Therefore, Tanya and Vernola you need to report to rm. 23 immediately after the first announcement (12:45).

Mix It Up
1 Algeria Hailstock/Overby ash Rm M33
2 Botswana Mason/ Cook Carolina blue Rm. 16
3 Cameroon Campbell/ Lamphear deep royal Rm. 21
4 Egypt Anderson/Gillespie denim Rm. 22
5 Ethiopia Jetton/Gaillard gold Rm. 8
6 Ghana McGee/ Gray red Rm. M31
7 Kenya Sarfert/LondoƱo lime Rm. 4
8 Libya McNatt/Phelps light blue Rm. 9
9 Madagascar Gulledge/ Weber orange Rm.12
10 Malawi Tucker/ Fusco sand Rm. 11
11 Mali Gauss /Patrick smoke gray Rm. 24
12 Morocco Galvan/LaPlante yellow Rm. 15
13 Namibia Correa/ Rush/Burch light steel Rm. 6
14 Nigeria Gutierrez / Adkins khaki Rm. M34
15 Rwanda Keshian/Binkley kiwi Rm. 3
16 Senegal Zarate/ Lee natural Rm. 14
17 SierraLeone Butler/ D.Davis Columbia blue Rm. 13
18 South Africa Lovin/ Jackson purple Rm. 23
19 Sudan Sipe/Ingram Atlantis
(a bright blue) Rm. M37
20 Swaziland Depp/ BJ Moore daisy Rm. 28
21 Tanzania Ducamp/Newman Kelly green Rm. 26
22 Tunisia Transou/Peddle/Ferguson sapphire Rm. 2
23 Uganda Robinson/ Wasko/Bennett tangerine Rm. 1
24 Zimbabwe Fidali/Bentley Vegas gold Rm. Media Center

Mix It Up, The PBS Team

Linda Mathers for Betty Ferguson
Karen Jernigan for Sarah Butler
Laura Jorman for Deb Gaillard

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