Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Two-hour delay schedule is posted and I will email the attachment.

Rufus the reading Bobcat will be here at 1:30 for a special assembly on Literacy. This is geared toward 3-5 grades and comes highly recommended. Thanks to Erica for setting this up for our students. We will begin the call to the auditorium at 1:25

PLC meetings for 1st and 4th should take place in the morning before students arrive. We also will not have duty-free lunch on delay days due to the change in specials and coverage.

Speaking of Specials. They are 25 minutes. Please drop off on time and pick up after 25 minutes. So if Joey has PE at 11:00, she would need to be at the PE door to receive her students at 11:25. This is critical for Art, Music, Spanish, and Media as the teachers deserve a time to transition materials for their next grade level. Thanks for you professionalism and respect for your colleagues here at Brunson.

After-school all teachers interested in the Tech tools workshop to attend NC TIES need to be in the computer lab at 3:15 for a 15 minute meeting. The magnet writing team will then meet from 3:30 to 4:30 in the media center.

No subs for Linda Transou
Laura Joram for Deb Gaillard pm only

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