Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Spelling bee today on cable 2 beginning at 10 am. Let's all cheer on Carson, our school representative from Mrs. McGee's mobile, and hope she goes far!

All county Chorus will practice all day at Southwest for the Performance tonight.

Creekside kids will practice again this morning in the cafe & access testing closes the media center for the morning.

You may have noticed the cutlery cart has moved. Since all the foods and services in the cafe are subsidized by the US government, we must account for everything. Therefore, students and faculty who want a spoon or fork will be charged on their food service account. I believe it is 2 cents for a fork/spoon or 1 cent for a napkin or straw. Please make your families and students aware as this may affect some who bring their lunch rather than use the line.

The presentation from Dr. Sanders was informative. the magnet team will meet Tuesday and we will have a Theme Meeting for the Whole Faculty on Thursday in place of Grade Level meetings. Please make plans to attend and participate.

Karin Gallager for Demarie Anderson pm only
Brenda Ramier for Martha Depp
Jonnie Malone for Linnea Patrick.

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