Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

In our Tuesday Packet today there will be a letter from Erica and Martha regarding our schools response to the crisis in Haiti. Here is a link to an audio post from Martha's Brother who is in Haiti. It is heartfelt and sad. Martha shares it for our need to be informed of the scope and scale of the pain in this country. It is not intended for our students, so please listen in private.

Quarter Testing Begins today! It involves classrooms in all areas of the building and mobiles, so let's all be mindful to keep an environment that is respectful.

Deb Fidali and I will travel to Raleigh on Wednesday for a Title One Restructuring Institute. Andy will coordinate our Faculty meeting and will accept agenda items today.

Magnet Writing Team meeting this afternoon at 3:00 in the computer lab. The webinar starts at 3:00 so try to come up as soon as all the student's have been safely sent home.

The birthday bash is today and it is a double month with January and July. We also have Chess Club today after-school.

Subs Today
No sub for Chris Wasko.
Colleen for Nicole
Becky Davis will cover Joey's Testing in the AM,
then Lisa and Paige will split the class for the afternoon.

BIG thanks to all who are assisting with our students needs, while we also tend to our colleagues loss.

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