Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Great SIT meeting last evening! Thanks for all the representation from our dedicated staff. Please think and talk about the focus for Staff development among your peers so SIT can make an informed decision. The Purpose of our staff development shall be to increase the capacity of our staff to serve the needs of our students.

Friday we have our WatchDOGS morning event! All students without DOGS will be reporting to class/breakfast at 7:50. Students with DOGS will meet in the Gym. The event starts at 7am and runs into the morning, so some students may be late to class. Those few will be accompanied by their DOGS.

Friday AM at 7:30 we also host the Zone 5/6 meeting with Toni Bigham and Marty Ward in the media center. It will run until 9:30.

With Andy in the WatchDOGS, and Karon and I in the Zone meeting, we will need all morning duty folks and teachers to be here and on duty 5 minute early. Student safety must always be on the forefront of our minds.

In the afternoon Friday we will call for the PBS EOQ celebration. We will be Dancing in the Gym and encourage all with planning times to come down and celebrate with our students who have been caught in the 2nd quarter.

Rosemary Hazy for Sarah Butler
No sub for Stephanie Ingram

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