Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Thanks for your participation in our staff meeting yesterday. I am excited about the African Library Project. Thanks Deb for sharing and taking the lead in this endeavor.

Judy Penny from Title One will be here this morning to work on our Needs Assessment. We will also have our third Magnet writing team meeting this afternoon with Dr. Morrison. The focus will be the Financial aspect of the grant and how we can match our vision with a realistic budget. If you want to be part of the discussion on the pro/con of the 1:1 laptop initiative, then please read this Blog post by Larry Cuban.

We do not know about the weather for Tonight of Friday so stay tuned. The following is text from an e-mail from Dr. Martins office concerning staff responsibilities on a weather delay day.

The following concern regarding delays due to inclement weather was submitted by several TAC representatives. Due to the threat of more inclement weather coming our way, I felt a timely response was necessary. Response to the concern follows. Please share this information with your staff and let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks so much.

I have concerns regarding how school delays impact staff arrival to their designated schools. . . .How is it unsafe for our students and bus drivers to be on the road, but safe for teachers, administrators, assistants, etc. who drive into work?

The decision to delay school is made for a number of reasons - but paramount in this decision is the safety of students waiting at the bus stop - if there is some black ice for example, a car can lose control and hit a student on the side of the road. Student drivers have little or no experience looking out for black ice. Adults have more experience driving in these weather conditions. A school faculty and principal can decide to delay staff arrival on delayed school opening days, but the staff will still need to work 7 hours and 45 minutes and administrators and other employees shall work 8 hours. A staff could delay opening one hour on a two-hour-delay day and stay one hour later. The Board's Administrative Regulation 4115.1, Teacher Work Schedule, establishes the 7 hour 45 minute work day which requires time be made up when staff arrival is delayed.

Please refer to the Board's Administrative Regulation 4151.7 that applies when schools are closed due to inclement weather.

Silvia for Marcella
Stephanie for Martha PM only
Lynn Vernon for Paige Sipe
Jan Van Swearingen for Tanya Lovin

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