Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday MM

Good Morning!

Great weekend and and a Better week ahead! Check the calendar for updated events and times. Like Progress Reports due in the Tuesday packet this week.

H1N1 shots are available for State health plan subscribers at the central office from 7-7 today.

Thanks for those of you who have submitted your updated class schedule. I will spend some time today reviewing the adherence to the WSFCS essentials and provide feedback later int the week.

In PLC this week we will continue our CWT conversation with school-wide and Grade level specific data. Please bring the tool(worksheet) you used in the faculty meeting to complete the 4th grade science observation. We have extra copies, but would love to save paper.

Here is another post from Larry Cuban. His thoughts on Turnaround schools are thought provoking and will help drive conversations on our magnet grant writing.

No sub for Sue Ann Gillespie
Joey Stone for Deb Gaillard
No Sub for Damita Sharp

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