Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday MM

Good Morning!

Welcome back and stay warm. Let's create an atmosphere where students will be thrilled to be in school. Engage and empower their sense of wonder and curiosity as we move into this new school year.

The week ahead is typical with a few meetings and events on our school calendar. I will have an updated magnet writing schedule after speaking with Dr. Morrison today and will post on the blog and in the calendar. Please forward me your updated classroom schedule that reflects the WSFCS essentials for all schools before the end of the week.

Erica Burchette is starting a new schedule this year. She will work at Old Richmond on Monday-Wednesday, and at Brunson Thursday & Friday until Spring Break. After Break she will adjust Wednesday to be here through the end of the year.

A note from Linnea:
TEACHERS: Interested in puppetry as a tool for delivering the curriculum? We have an opportunity to meet with a parent (Mr. Lopina) who specializes in puppetry to learn some fundamentals and brainstorm uses of the PVC puppet stage he is donating to Brunson. If you're interested in learning more, please shoot me an email by Friday 1/8. That will give me an idea of how many people to plan for. Then we'll determine a date and place to meet.
Thanks ~ Linnea

Subs today,
Joey Stone for Suzanne Sarfert PM only
Rosemary Hazy for Carol Weaver

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