Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More thoughts on Change

I believe in the capacity of Brunson. We are a State of North Carolina Exemplar school for PBS due to the efforts of our faculty/staff. Others can try to emulate us, but we are unique. Our success with PBS is directly correlated to the creative process, as it was and is, "for the people, by the people." We can follow a similar path for our restructuring. We have the ability to create a STEM magnet that will one day be a model for others to create their own pocket of excellence.

Here is a phenomenal Slide-show that was presented to me and all the other Principals in the WSFCS last summer. I will use part of this at today's meeting.

Here is a link to a STEM school Found by Nicole Londono.

Another school in Virgina with a list of things they do for STEM.

A great resource about STEM with video from the Secretary of Education.

We will have time to discuss our future this afternoon, Please be prepared to hang with us until 4:15. All classified staff are encouraged to "flex" their schedules between now and next Tuesday, in order to remain at the meeting and be a part of the conversation. See you this evening in the media center at 3:15.

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