Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday MM

Good Morning!

We have 11 school days until the Thanksgiving Holiday. Please make each one memorable for every student.

I enjoyed our PBS EOQ celebrations last Friday. Cat Catchers, be on the lookout for our student's who do not stand out because they always follow all the PBS expectations. They need reinforcement and praise as they set the example for their peers.

SAT meeting today.
Magnet meeting on Tuesday
No school on Wednesday
Mix-It-Up day Thursday
Title One Peer Review Thursday after-school.
All followed by Friday the 13th

Report cards are to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet this week. We will also have some Gateway information along with a letter to explain the dissolution of the Brunson-Cook merger.

Brenda Raimer for Marina Gutierrez
Lynn Vernon for Joey Kruth
No sub yet for Demarie Anderson am only

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