Monday, October 5, 2009

Dr. Martin's October video And Flu Shot information

Click here to to link to the page for his October Video

It is all about EVAAS. Good information which we will discuss during our PLC's this year.

This is text of an e-mail from our Director of HR David Fairall

We currently have 745 folks registered for flu shots on Tuesday, October 6th. We also have a Joint Principals/Management Team meeting that morning with about 150 attendees that starts at 7:15 AM. We STRONGLY encourage everyone registered for shots on Tuesday to avoid the hours of 7:00 AM - 12:30 PM if at all possible. Parking is going to be a major challenge.

The time immediately after school's over that day will also be a major "traffic jam" time. The clinic will run from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM. After 4:30 would be the ideal time to get your flu shot if you are registered for Tuesday.

Another option would be to attend on one of the other dates. There's no need to re-register or call to change dates. Here are the other dates and the current number of employees registered for each:

Wednesday, October 7 -- 622 registered

Thursday, October 8 -- 397 registered (THIS WOULD BE A GREAT DAY FOR A FLU SHOT!)

Tuesday, October 20 -- 127 registered (ANOTHER GREAT DAY FOR A SHOT!)

If you just can't find a parking spot for any of the flu shot dates next week, we have also arranged with Forsyth Technical Community College for access to their shuttle bus that runs from the Macy's parking lot at Hanes Mall to the FTCC campus. Here's the details:

WSFC employees can not park in the Forsyth Tech designated spots at the Mall (marked in yellow). Those vehicles are monitored for Forsyth Tech decals. You can park anywhere around these spots. In addition, WSFC employees would have to show their school ID in order to board the shuttle.

The shuttle makes one stop at the college for drop off and pick up, and that is at the Tech Building, so any WSFC employee would have to walk to and from the Tech Bldg. to the WSFC Administration Bldg. It's about a five minute walk.

The shuttle schedule can be found on the FTCC website at The first shuttle leaves the Mall at 7:00 am, and arrives at the Tech Bldg. at 7:10 am. It departs the Tech Bldg. at 7:10 am and arrives at the Mall at 7:20 am. This cycle continues every 20 minutes until 2 pm (the last shuttle leaves the college at 1:50 pm and arrives back at the Mall at 2 pm).

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