Monday, September 14, 2009

Shared Leave

Please read the following taken from our employee handbook. We have a couple of Teachers who are on extended leave with health related issues and they are close to running out of sick days. Please see Mariela if you are interested in donating some Annual Leave to help them maintain their salary.

Shared leave
Extended illness can cause financial hardship when an employee’s sick leave and annual leave are exhausted. Under provisions of the State Board of Education policy, fellow employees can donate sick leave or annual leave to help, under limited circumstances. Full- and part-time regular employees must have approval to receive donated leave for extended absence because of their own illness or one in their immediate family. They must not be receiving benefits from the Disability Income Plan. You may donate sick leave only to another employee who is a member of your family (spouse, child, parent, including step-relationships, and any other dependents residing in your home) in this or another school system. You may not reduce your sick leave below one-half of what you earn in a year. You may donate annual leave to any employee in this school system and to immediate family member(spouse, parents, children, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren and step-, half-, and in-law relationships) in another school system. All donated leave will be credited to the recipient’s sick leave account. (P 4150.4)

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