Friday, September 18, 2009

NC WISE Gradebook

Elementary Grade Reporting: a message from Betty Weycker

We are working through the process of training elementary schools that are in Wave 1 for grade reporting and need to make several clarifications.

The schools who are implementing the gradebook for the first nine weeks should be now (or soon) entering marks for the following subjects: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science/Health in Grades 3-5. The grading scale is set system-wide and is: A: 93-100, B: 85-92, C: 77-84, D: 70-76, F: 69 and below. Beyond these parameters, all other information such as assessment weighting should only have been recommendations. I apologize for not being more clear on this in your trainings thus far, but please know that teachers may set their weighting by points or percentage and assessments may be created individually or a school may determine that common assessments will be implemented. That is a school decision. Questions concerning a paper gradebook is for subject areas or areas beyond the 5 listed above, such as Behaviors, Arts, etc. Teachers do not have to keep a paper copy of the 5 subjects in NCWISE, that too is their decision. We will be glad to assist or discuss this further if more clarification would be beneficial.

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