Thursday, September 17, 2009


Good Morning! I thought I would try to change the look of the blog. If you notice the difference please mention it today. I can then try to determine who is reading the blog, as I hope that the information contained is engaging and helpful.

World Cultures Team will meet this evening at 3:15 in the Music Mobile. The entry question to the meeting is, What is the meaning of the acronym BRIC?

Next week is BUSY with the International Day of Peace, WatchDOGS, a PTA assembly, the W-S Brass ensemble, and many other events. Please check the calendar so you are able to plan for success. Click the highlighted word to jump to the Brunson calendar page.

Rock the Block is tonight! However you choose to spend the weekend, enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Kim for Lara
Beverly LaMantia for Joey Kruth-Adkins
Alisha Clinton for Lisa Weber
No sub for Andy, as he is competing in the Wilmington triathlon Saturday morning.

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