Friday, August 21, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!

I hope that you all have felt the positive apprehension that a new school year can bring. Is "positive apprehension" an oxymoron or just a pretentious way of spin control? I have never used these two words together and after reading them here I never will again. As a matter of fact I apologize for the beginning of this post and will start over.

Friday Post - Part Deux
I trust you all are experiencing the effects of the first week back at school. My feelings are best described as a mixture of exhaustion from the long hours, and exhilaration from the thoughtful conversations and decision making processes that have taken place so far. We are on the beginning of a Journey that will create meaning for ourselves and the students we serve.

Monday is our last day to prepare our rooms for the throngs of eager learners that will grace our doorways on the 25th. Continue to plan for success and be flexible in all areas to ensure the best interests of the students.

We will be operating on a unique schedule for the first week of school. I will have all the details worked out over the weekend for posting on the first of many "Morning Blogs." Prepare for specials to work similar to last year where we stagger implementation by grade levels. The expectation for staff at Arrival and Dismissal for the first three weeks of school is for EVERYBODY to be involved in the safe transition from home-school-home.

Please reserve the Curriculum night dates for your presentation to your families.

Monday, September 14th we will host Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 4th Grades beginning at 6PM

Tuesday, September 15th we will host 3rd and 5th grades beginning at 6 pm.

Enjoy some well-deserved rest over the weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

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Linnea said...

Keep it up with the creative "word usements" (that's Steve Martin). "Positive apprehension" is oxymoronic, so it's thought-provoking, a bit like "performance stress," which is a good thing - the stress associated with high achievement.