Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday MM

Good Morning!

I trust you all had a glorious weekend and were able to feed your soul. We have 10 days of student interaction remaining. In each moment, there is a possible lasting memory that can impact a student for the remainder of their life. Let's all do our best to make those impressions full of hope and joy.

Today we are on regular schedule for lunch and specials. A reminder that there is no duty free lunch or extended planning as we must increase our supervision as the year comes to a close. The Make-up EOG specials and lunch schedule are posted on the board and are in effect for Tuesday -Friday this week.

Just a heads-up for next week as we start our retesting on Tuesday with 5th grade science. Here is the list of administrators/proctors and days.

Tuesday, June 2
Fusco/Cook Tr. 34
Gauss/D. Davis Tr. 35
Weaver/Ferguson Tr. 36
Kangelaris/Gutierrez Tr. 40

Wed., June 3
Butler/Ferguson rm.13
Mason/Gutierrez rm. 16
Lovin/Newman resource rm
Burch/Depp speech rm
Jackson/D. Davis Tr.34
Moore/Robinson rm. 27
Bennett/Gillespie rm. 23
Keshian/Correa Tr. 38
Weber/Cook rm. 26
Gauss/Ingram Tr. 35
Kangelaris/Fidali Tr. 40

Thurs./Fri June 4
Lee/Gray rm. 14
Lovin/Newman res. rm
Peddle/Rush PE office
Burch/Depp speech rm(Thurs.)
Lester-Niles/Depp speech rm (Fri.)
Jackson/D. Davis Tr. 34
Fusco/Cook rm 25 (Thurs.)
Weber/Cook rm 26 (Fri.)
Gauss/Ingram Tr. 35
Kangelaris/B. Davis Tr. 40 (Thurs.)
B. Davis/Fidali Tr. 40 (Fri.)
Weaver/Transou Guidance Office(Thurs.)
Bentley/Transou Guidance Office (Fri.)

Subs Today:
Rosemary for Wendy, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today.
Stephanie for Martha

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