Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

The schedule for next week Monday and Tuesday is gaining final approval from our esteemed colleagues, The Specialists, I will have final copies available for everybody at Lunch Today.

We have one last day of make-up testing. It is the Calculator Inactive and will be fairly short. Thank you for keeping the students' best interests as your focus in these hectic weeks. We have five more days next week full of promise for a culmination to a fantastic year of learning for all.

There are a couple of Field trips today and the rain-soaked field will make it difficult for outside recess. Keep your and your students spirits up, as we can enjoy some inside activities that will feed our brains and bodies.

We will hear more updates after the weekend from Wendy as she recovers. She is resting at home and gaining strength daily. Please keep her and Deb Gray in your thoughts and prayers. Deb's family is very close to the fiance' of the young man who was involved in the fatal car accident on Tuesday.

I would like to meet with the following teachers on the stage at 3:10 this afternoon. Jetton, Lamphear, Price, Laplante, Gulledge, Phelps, Tucker, Mason, Lee, Butler, G. Moore, Lutz, Weber, Fusco.

Nicole for Liz pm only
Rosemary for Wendy
Shaun Briaddy for Anne Campbell
Cameron for Nicki pm only
Linda for Venice

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