Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

We still have a few make-up tests so please continue to provide the AWESOME testing atmosphere with your students in the classrooms and hallways.

I hope you all enjoy the Holiday weekend! I am looking forward to getting our results from the EOG. Karon, Andy and I will be reviewing the results and preparing the gateway letters this morning and will present the communication plan with teachers on the stage at the posted times.

3rd HAG 1:00-1:15 on the stage
5th HAG 1:15-1:30 on the stage
4th HAG 1:30-1:45 on the stage
5th REG 1:45-2:00 on the stage
3rd REG 2:00-2:15 on the stage
4th REG 2:15-2:30 on the stage

Subs Today
Cameron Weaver for Nicole Price
Margaret Damon for Sarah Butler pm only
Stephanie Pitters for Linnea Patrick

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