Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

We had an evening energy audit and there were 19 computers wasting precious resources. It is our responsibility to be stewards of the equipment and materials that allow us to serve the students we love so much. Please be conservative with our resources and turn off all electronic equipment at the end of everyday. If you are leaving the class and will not use the Activeboard, please turn it off. The replacement bulbs cost over $300 and there is a limited number of hours on each bulb before they lose their effectiveness. One last note before i descend from the soapbox, Your monitors are not off if they are blinking in standby mode. You must "mash" the button to turn off the power. Stand-by is better than on, but off is the best energy saver.

We have African drumming with Colin Tribby and the Wiley Middle school drama practice after-school today. Some of the TBE classes will be travelling to Hiddenite today.

Thanks to the PTA for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon to honor the great work you accomplish everyday!

Natalie went home yesterday afternoon about 3:30. Alison talked with since then and she said she feels much better, she is just weak and sore. She is going to take Today off to finish recovering and will be back on Monday. Thanks for all of your help and concerns during this time.

Willie Mae Carson for Lisa Weber
Trish Federico for Brie DuCamp
Cameron Weaver for Donna McNatt

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