Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday MM

Good Morning and Welcome Back from the break.

We have a 4-day week with Good Friday as a holiday, so hit the ground running today. Faculty meeting will be after school on Wednesday.

Our Promethean event on Thursday is starting to take shape. Here is some text from an Emory e-mail;
The event will start at 10:00. We would like the principal (that's you Jeff :) to take a few minutes and discuss how Promethean has impacted his school. Then we will take a tour of some of the teachers classrooms to see them using the products (students at the boards, activotes in the students hands, etc.). After the tour, 45 minutes or so, we will have lunch and the attendees will listen and watch a Promethean Demo.
Chris will be our point person on setting a schedule for classroom visits. Please cooperate with him and let's show others what technology has done for our students.

Report Cards should be e-mailed to your editors before the weekend. They are to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet of April 14th.

Subs Today:
Priscilla Barringer for Lisa Weber
Kim Dishner for Donna McGee
Lynn Boyles for Demarie Anderson
Linda Mathers for Betty Ferguson
Chasidy Phelps for Marina Gutierrez

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