Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Continue to keep Edwin in your thoughts and prayers. He expects to return next week.

Carol was released from the hospital after many tests. She will lie low through the weekend and return on Monday. Cameron will sub for her today.

Thanks to Nicki and Lisa for sharing their methods of using formative data to deliver targeted instruction. I appreciate seeing the efforts of Marina to infuse technology and non-linguistic representations across the grade level instruction in Spanish. Janet continues to amaze us with her energy and creativity as she broadens the language horizons for our students. The shift of our faculty meetings toward sharing is intended to increase our collaborative capacity. Gayle will be on the agenda for April 8th, are there any others who want to share?

The lock-down drill was very effective. Thanks for all your efforts to keep our school as a safe place to teach and learn. Remember that we have a Fire Drill with "Smoke" that will occur before the end of the Month.

Today the gym has been transformed into a fairy tale forest. All students will be reporting to class or breakfast at 7:50 please be prepared for them.

The fifteen minute Hopes and Dreams conferences are winding down. If you have not yet signed up for an appointment, Please stop by the office and use the calendar in the orange folder in my door mail slot.

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