Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day Part Deux

Here we sit at a quiet school hoping the roads thaw enough for the buses to safely transport our charges for instruction on Wednesday! I have some updates due to the snow.

Fairy Tale Ball (Ferry Tail Bawl) is rescheduled for the 20th of March.

Tornado Drill will be Friday at 9:30 - NCTIES participants have appropriate instructions for your subs.

We will certainly hear from 3 more PLC's on the implementation of the High Yield Strategies at the Faculty Meeting Wednesday at 3:15. I will also try to explain the adjustment to the work calendar. Today is known as a Non-calendar day. the following is the text from a Kerry Crutchfiled e-mail;

Unfortunately, we have now experienced the fourth school closing due to inclement weather, which makes the calendar impacts a little more challenging.

The impact for yesterday, March 2, is easy:

March 2 becomes a calendar L day
June 11 becomes a student attendance day
June 17 becomes an Rs day

For today, the impact is a bit complicated:

March 3 becomes a non-calendar day (explained below)
June 12 becomes a student attendance day
June 18 becomes an Rs day

By March 3 becoming a non-calendar day, the following things are important to note:

No school-based SALARIED employee who works less than 12 months per year is to be charged leave or have any negative payroll impact for the March 3 absence, UNLESS
An employee resigns or retires before June 19, in which case he/she will be paid for one less day of work upon such resignation or retirement
We will have separate discussions with Transportation and Food Services about the impact on their hourly-paid employees' pay
Extended term employees will have one day added to the end of their extended term schedule due to this absence

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