Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Thanks so much to Lynn Keshian for her leadership with the Arts Council Drive. Please consider a gift to this wonderful organization and let's bond together and aim for over 50% participation and let the total dollar number fall where it may.

Snaps, Snaps, Snaps and more Snaps abound for the Teams who presented their progress and thoughts on Marzano's High yield strategies. The Kindergarten team is a resource for us all as we consider the implementation of non-Linguistic representation. The second grade group has successful experience to share as they have combined the concept of the graphic organizer and note taking. The Creekside Kids have taught note taking so well, that each student has an array of strategies to access new information. I am excited about our next meeting and three more examples of teams working together to make our school better for all students.

The kindergarten, 2nd and fifth grade teams will use some of the grade level planning time this after non to develop a schedule for the Superkids officer. Let's meet in Donna McGee's mobile at 3:15.

No subs today - remember that Mr. Wasko will be at a Tech meeting until the afternoon.

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