Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

On this snowy day I want to share a quick note from Betty.

My visit with Martha at her family's home was great. I met her parents & a brother & a sister. They are a wonderful family. Martha was in excellent spirits and looked very healthy. She was eager to hear news about Brunson and to discuss some of her favorite students. She's starting to look forward to having time to work on new art projects in the coming weeks. The cards and gifts that I delivered made her very happy. She especially liked the big poster & greeting cards from Betty Jo's class. Hearing from so many children and from our staff has really lifted her spirits.

The sad part of a Snow Day is the inevitable make-up day. This student day will move and replace the scheduled teacher workday on Monday, March 30th. The Teacher workday will move to Tuesday the 31st of March. This leaves April 1 - 5 as the new, abbreviated Spring Break.

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