Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Memo

I wanted to log on with the laptop while at Central Office for the Joint Principal's meeting this morning, but encountered difficulty - I will see you soon in Wasko's world for a laptop update. So, here is the belated announcements and updates.

Chess Club this afternoon. This moves the YMCA into the media center for dismissal purposes.

Staff meeting in the media center at 3:15 on Wednesday.

Velvet Simington has requested that we name our top four publishers for the math textbook adoption by DECEMBER 11. Please look at the examination materials on the stage, complete a choice form, and get it to Linnea Patrick by next Wednesday, December 10.

I have had one request for PTA help with the Holiday party. Please have the name and contact information of your room parent for me at the faculty meeting on Wednesday.

In our Principal's meeting today we discussed Creativity and the book "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. One of his "six senses" that will help the shift our left-brain dominance to a holistic thought process is to harness the power of "Story." Please be prepared to participate in story-telling at the staff meeting on Wednesday.

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