Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday MM

Good Morning!

The objective of the day is always learning! Today we add a secondary mission - to leave the students with a sense of joy and peace to carry them through the holidays. The tone and feel of this day will carry over into the next year as we reconvene on January 5th. Make it positive and full of love for all your students and colleagues.

As this is our last day of the month, you should expect a fire drill sometime before 10:30 am

We hope to begin the assembly at 1:30 and will begin calling classes to the auditorium around 1:20. Specials and extended planning are on on a regular schedule until the 1:07 time slot, when the last two specials are cancelled due to the assembly.

The SIP peer review went well last night as we gained valuable insight into the regulations of our federal government. Thanks to all in attendance, and a special thanks to everyone as we all played a major role in the creation of this living document which will set our sights on continuous improvement.

Subs Today:
Rosemary Hazy for Joel Peddle
Willie Mae Carson For Gayle Moore

I wish only the best for all the staff over the break and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

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