Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Please check out the Brunson website to view the creations with Voice Thread that have enhanced student learning.

I am looking forward to the Holiday Social on Saturday. Thanks to Allison and the Care Crew for creating a wonderful school climate.

All third grade will attend the UNCSA's production of the nutcracker. They will enjoy seeing on of our own, Finn, perform as one of the party children.

First grade will travel to the Wake Forest Museum of Anthropology in shifts today.

Mrs Ferguson is looking for some blue and yellow tambourines that have sprouted legs and left her classroom. If you see any of these creatures walking the halls, please return them to the music trailer.

Please give thanks to Willie Mae Carson for Teaching our fourth graders these past few weeks. On Monday we will begin with a new Long-Term Sub in that position. Jamie Lutz has worked most recently as a private school teacher and before that as a PRT at Speas, Latham and South Fork. Wanda sent me an e-mail recently and she is felling better and wishes all of you a wonderful holiday season.

Subs today:
No sub for Stephanie Ingram.
Maria Cook for Nicole Price
Willie Mae Carson for Wanda Sagel

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